I started Where Jennie Goes to share stories, tips, and tricks with other career-minded, adventurous  individuals maximize vacations days and plan trips!  I love planning trips, even if I’m not going on them. If you need inspiration, guidance, or any help, let me know!

I’m a single 30-something living in Boston, exploring New England, working full time, and using my (limited) vacation days to travel the world & go diving!

I’ve been to 40+ countries and lived in 7 of those.  This blog will go along with me as I explore new places, try new things, and live this wild, unsettled life.

I’m honest — sometimes to a fault (this may have gotten me in trouble once…or twice)– and any reviews or opinions provided in this blog will be that: honest.

Do you remember being a kid and thinking you’d have your life all set by the time you were 25? I thought that. Guess what? That 100% did not happen.

I’ve struggled with the questions of ‘what am I doing with my life?’ for years.  Recently, I’ve come to accept that I need to just roll with it. I fell into Finance in 2014; I was on the verge of moving to Saudi Arabia to teach when a job closer to home fell into my lap.  I debated what to do for several months and, obviously, in the end decided going to Saudi Arabia was not the right decision for me at the time.

After spending a few years working, and fighting with myself over being in finance (not where I saw myself), I decided that if I was going to be in finance, which it looked like I was, I was really going to do it.  With that decision made, I moved to Luxembourg in September 2017 to pursue my MSc in Finance at the University of Luxembourg.

This all goes to how I ended up in Boston.  I don’t think I even mentioned it yet; I’m from Delaware originally. Anyway, as part of my Master’s program I was required to participate in a 6 month internship.  I did mine with an American bank in Luxembourg at the end of which I was offered a position in their Boston office.

And so, I moved to Boston, a city I had never been to, in 2019. I returned to Delaware from Luxembourg, flew to Boston with my mom for a day in February, found an apartment for a March 1st move in, and then went on vacation for two weeks before returning, packing up my stuff, and moving to Boston to start my new job.

Despite the cold, I love Boston.  It’s a charming city that’s not overwhelming, lots of local shops and restaurants, and I’ve met some amazing people. The drivers are the worst, but don’t let them keep you away!

I maximize my yearly vacations day (15) to travel globally and between those trips I’ll be exploring Boston and the greater (and gorgeous) New England area.

I can’t wait to share my adventures with you and help you plan your own!

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